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Digitec2000 Founder Frank Magliato Helps Clients Create Wealth

January 16, 2019

Often, when Frank Magliato has looked for a business to set up, he has turned to the seemingly never ending wellspring of telecommunications. In fact, everything started for him when he founded, financed and served as president for his own telecom company, Digitec2000, Inc, which specialized in the sales of prepaid domestic and international long distance calling. In fact, Digitec2000 was so successful and sold for a large enough profit, that Frank Magliato decided to duplicate his success a few years later, founding long distance resale company, Telecorp, Inc. Of course, he succeeded with that one, as well.

These days, Frank Magliato is very well regarded for his business instincts and talent. He is so highly regarded, he is frequently asked to serve on the boards of directors for many large companies. As of now, he has served on the boards for Consorcio Vista Verde, Veragold Mining Company, Capital Trading Group and Nabali Investments. His philanthropic side has been satisfied by his service on the board for the Guardian Foundation, which has a mission of improving the health and welfare of underprivileged children in Panama.